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Natalie said:
Monday, 7 Apr 2014
I'm only part way through your website but so far it's been incredibly informative. Thanks so much. It's well laid out and helpful. It's just a shame the BPS don't take a leaf out of your book and modernise their website too. After all, what is a the basis of a decent website other than a good understanding of psychology?
Caroline said:
Sunday, 3 Mar 2013
I'm changing my career and your site seems most helpful in working out how to proceed
Michelle said:
Tuesday, 14 Jun 2011
Just info pls looking to go do sumting in this thanks
Tiffany said:
Tuesday, 8 Feb 2011
This is a very informative site, it has helped me a lot.
Matteo said:
Friday, 26 Nov 2010
Hi, I got a five-years degree in psychology and I am currently about to discuss my PhD thesis in social and cognitive neuroscience. I am also enrolled at the third year of a behavioural and cognitive psychotherapy school. I would like to know more about how is possible to be a clinical psychologist in UK. Thank you very much indeed! Matteo
Henry said:
Thursday, 21 Oct 2010
This is a very well written website and is a brilliant reposity of information.After my Masters degree, I have not put my Psychology degree to use and this webite has re-invigorated me and provided me with ideas. Thanks
Maria said:
Monday, 18 Oct 2010
It will be great if there will be information about caree for psychologists, studied abroad (in Russia)
Shaun said:
Sunday, 18 Jul 2010
Great Site,helpfull and informative
Fiore said:
Tuesday, 13 Jul 2010
Working I in the same field in Italy, I think it can be usefull for me to have informations from british collegues. Thanks
ANN said:
Thursday, 22 Apr 2010
I am looking to return to education after having a family. Psychology is a great interest your website has a mass of information to help me choose in which direction I want to go. Good to compare the different career options.
Jane said:
Wednesday, 6 Jan 2010
Like the website easy to read provides good introduction information
Tammy said:
Tuesday, 22 Dec 2009
This is a very useful website to provide so many psychological related information.
Naila said:
Tuesday, 6 Oct 2009
I enjoyed reading the website and it has inspired me to carry on with a psychology proffession.
Jayne said:
Tuesday, 4 Aug 2009
I am seriously considering returning to further my education and am interested in studying an accredited course in Psychology. Before I commit to a course I want to ensure I am moving in the right direction, with regards a career in Psychology. Please send me any relevant information/advice. Thank you